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英语有意境的句子 精选55句

1. 毕业了,结束了!可是到底是结束,还是另一个新的开始?

2. 在遇见了你之后,我才知道有一种爱逾越了生死。

3. When you laugh, the world laughs with you; You cry, the world only you cry.

4. Many people suffer unspeakable pain, and many people have no alternative.

5. Friends are the road, the family is a tree、 Don't get lost, lean against the tree、

6. I miss our time, but it all became the past、

7. If love is just passing by, why should this visit、

8. The heaviest burden in life, not a job but a boring one、

9. 我也曾青春逼人,可惜现在青春没了,就剩这么个逼人了。

10. 有木有人早上不想起,晚上不想睡!

11. 人生重要的不是所站的位置,而是所朝的方向。

12. Communication is to share happiness, and solitude is to digest oneself.

13. The reason for travel does not need to elaborate too much, one word can generalize all: go、

14. 一个人除非自己有信心,否则无法带给别人信心。

15. 微小的幸福就在身边,容易满足就是天堂。

16. I'm ready to go with you for a lifetime, and ready for you to go、

17. Confidante jietan tears, hero died, the world is suffering、 Never lonely, how can smile、

18. Dont understand. Dont say anything when you have nothing to say.不懂时,别乱说。懂得时,别多说。心乱时,慢慢说。没话时,就别说。

19. 我是做好了和你过一辈子的打算,也准备好了你随时说要走。

20. Life is a passer-by, why thousands of knot.

21. So love age, how to distinguish the true or false?

22. Friends often don't stop at distance, but they often end up with a gap.

23. Remember in this messy life, every day with a little smile.

24. If we don't see each other again, we will be safe for the rest of our lives.

25. Short Pavilion short, the world of mortals, I put zaitan xiao、

26. All the past is a continuation; Glad to meet, no regret to leave.

27. Ignorance of the people, he always wanted people to understand、 A wise man, but to understand their own efforts、

28. As a passer-by, my advice to young people is: don't come here.

29. 每个人都有一段悲伤,想隐藏却欲盖弥彰。

30. The erosion of coral from the tempestuous waves? That would be their beautiful ruin、

31. The person who can make you forget the past is your future.

32. Graduated, over! But in the end is the end, or another new beginning?

33. No matter front is the most dangerous places, or an abyss, I will not hesitate to go ahead!

34. Obviously not a stranger, but pretended to be more strange than a stranger.

35. The most beautiful encounter, do not talk about the past; The best way to leave is not to ask the date of return.

36. In that moment, I seem to hear the sound of the collapse of the world、

37. Life is bitter medicine. You should find the sugar yourself.

38. I stay in the depths of memory, looking for residual happiness、

39. 我真的没有多难过,可是没有你,我真的不快乐。

40. Who pale I wait, the irony of my dedication、

41. Tiny happiness is in the side, easy to meet is paradise、

42. A life of faith, whether successful or not, at least will not be confused.

43. You are like the sun, shining into my heart of the haze, the pain of sadness、

44. So remember, you owe me one day, I'll make you a thousand times more than a thousand times、

45. Home always needs success, and money always needs to be earned. Don't forget that you used to be a scholar.

46. 最后的最后,就算我放了手,你也要把我拉回来。

47. Like is a perfect match, but love is willing to bow to the enemy.

48. I put aside my dignity, put aside my personality and put down my stubbornness just because I couldnt have a refill, you will be thirsty for a lifetime if you drink the wine that you have brewed.喝了你酿的爱情的酒,如果没有续杯,情愿渴一辈子。返回搜狐,查看更多

49. Since we can't live well together, we should live our own lives.

50. 山有木兮木有枝,心悦君兮君不知。

51. If the heart knows each other, silent also tacit understanding; if the feelings are close, silent also pity.心若相知,无言也默契;情若相眷,不语也怜惜。

52. We read all books with the ultimate goal of reading ourselves.

53. No matter when you start, it is important that you do not stop after the start、

54. Everyone is born when the original, sadly, many people gradually became piracy!

55. 纤柔之指,点开了花宵的云梦。

英语有意境的句子 精选76句

1. I must continue to breathe, even if there is no reason to hope、

2. At first, I waited for someone to go to bed late. Later, I got used to it. I didn't wait for anyone.

3. 你就像阳光,照进我心里阴霾的地方,刺痛了忧伤。

4. Like simple things, happy people, bright weather and sunny you.

5. I don't need a gregarious life. Each flower has its own fragrance.

6. It's better to be yourself cleanly than to like you worrying about gain and loss.

7. Don't comment on my good or bad. I haven't eaten a bite of your family.

8. Memory is a kind of ignorance, why go after the pursuit of the back、

9. 烟酒又成了他的朋友。不吸烟怎能思索呢?不喝醉怎能停止住思索呢?

10. People who don't want to grow up always grow up in an instant.

11. 一个人几乎可以在任何他怀有无限热忱的事情上成功。

12. There is no reason why people feel different.

13. Believe that the beautiful life, is a word elegy, an overflowing heart interpersonal loneliness, already growing into a huge ice while you are this season’s most beautiful notes.相信优美的生命,就是一曲无字的挽歌,漫过心际的孤独,早已蔚然成冰,而你是这个季节里最美的音符。

14. I am not born a king, but I have blood in my bones.

15. 沉湎于希望的人和守株待兔的樵夫没有什么两样。

16. The get to pay efforts to grasp the hand, should not have to think also do not want to think、

17. 该得到的要付出努力抓到手,不该得到的想也不要去想。

18. Slow, hot and quiet. Go ahead wherever you go.

19. 我以为我很颓废,今天我才知道,原来我早报废了。

20. 就在那一瞬间,我仿佛听见了全世界崩溃的声音。

21. Be the best you can be before becoming any role.

22. Never mention love you, not not love, but love, but can not love.

23. 人闭上眼睛,是为了和自己相见。

24. Indifference and indifference are the most powerful counterattack against people and things you don't like.

25. 翻出你的照片,却不敢凝视。才发现,呼吸真的会痛。

26. 一辈子是场修行,短的是旅行,长的是人生。

27. Nine times out of ten people are unhappy in life, but there are no two or three words with others.

28. Learn more, you choose life; Study less, life chooses you.

29. A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm、

30. Among the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the easiest.

31. 墨催题卷,叹只叹,书卷淡淡扑鼻香,不求功名青灯旁。

32. 做梦梦到的人,醒了就应该能抱到他。

33. I hope those unknown you are well treasured.

34. Sometimes, the best person for you is the one you least expect.

35. Courage born of love is enough to resist all loneliness in the world.

36. What is the meaning of life, is the struggle、 What is the motive force of struggle, is success、

37. Meet you start, eyebrows bend, the stars are you. Spring breeze is not as good as you, you are in your dreams and out of your dreams.遇见你开始,眉眼弯弯,星河皆你。春风十里不如你,梦里梦外都是你。

38. Don't care about the love that doesn't belong to you. If it hurts you, it's a joke.

39. The greatest luck in life is to meet you, but the greatest misfortune is not to have you.这辈子最大的幸运就是遇上了你,而最大的不幸却是不能拥有你。

40. 不论你在什么时候开始,重要的是开始之后就不要停止。

41. 愚痴的人,一直想要别人了解他。有智慧的人,却努力的了解自己。

42. 那么记住,你欠我的定有一日,我会让你千倍万倍还回来。

43. 朋友是路,家是树。别迷路,靠靠树。

44. Life such as tea, empty cup to the right, there is a good tea to drink, there will be filled with joy and moved、

45. If youve met. Through thousands ofyears, with the boundlessness of time, you happen to meet them, neither earlier nor abit too late.于千万人之中,遇见你所遇见的人;于千万年之中,时间的无涯荒野里,没有早一步,也没有晚一步,刚巧赶上了。

46. Meeting and not wanting are two different things. Love and not love cannot be hidden.

47. 在这布满硝烟与瓦砾的乱世之中,没有人能纤尘不染地活着。

48. There is no need for those who cant wake up.留不住的人没必要强求,不合适的人终究会分开,可以不聪明,但别不清醒。

49. The tears that flow through the eyes are brighter and the heart is stronger!

50. I have pressing youth, but now it is gone, leaving a pressing、

51. 我一定要继续呼吸,即使已经没有盼望的理由。

52. Life is a beautiful landscape, and the painting is not beautiful, you have to draw it by yourself、

53. There is no end to the struggle, at any time is a starting point、

54. 相逢一醉是前缘,风雨散,飘然何处。

55. This desire to depart, but the shadow falls on earth、

56. 听弦断,断那三千痴缠。坠花湮,湮没一朝风涟。

57. I thought I was very decadent, today I just know, originally my morning paper waste、

58. 你找不到路,只是因为你不敢迷路。你找的到路,是因为你敢于相信路。

59. The breeze, the sky is full of stars fragrance four Yi, more show warm and romantic、

60. Turn your photos, but dare not gaze、 Only to find that breathing really hurts、

61. You don't need to like it, and you don't have to hate it. You can stay where it's cool.

62. You can't see beauty because you don't stick to it.

63. Unless you have confidence in yourself, you can not bring confidence to others、

64. 背对太阳,阴影一片;迎着太阳,霞光万丈。

65. Sculpting in time of memories, years precipitate the feelings, because once touched, so unforgettable.时光雕刻着回忆,岁月沉淀了情感,因为曾经感动,所以难以忘怀。

66. To give up is to sacrifice the things that belong to you, to let go is to let go of those who have never been you、

67. Every small thing in life as long as you carefully taste, are full of happiness、

68. 奋斗没有终点,任何时候都是一个起点。

69. Moderate softhearted is your kindness, and repeated softhearted is your stupidity.

70. Happiness is the consistency of what you think, say and do.

71. 忘掉失败,不过要牢记失败中的教训。

72. The fog, wake up, I finally see the truth, it is silence after everything、

73. It is a skill to carry things, and a pattern to turn over the past.

74. Mountain wood wood branches, Yue Xi Jun did not know、

75. Let the pace of the wind, let the mind like the sea, let the mind like a light、

76. Life can not be too perfect, but not necessarily a pity.

英语有意境的句子 精选78句

1. 嗟叹红颜泪、英雄殁,人世苦多。山河永寂、怎堪欢颜。

2. Please keep that love and go to the next mountain and sea.

3. 人生如茶,空杯以对,就有喝不完的好茶,就有装不完的欢喜和感动。

4. Life has a problem, that is how to make an inch of time is an inch of life、

5. The qianrou refers to the point of flowers night in Yunmeng、

6. If something bad doesn't happen, you can't see what the people around you are like.

7. The sea and sunset do not belong to anyone, but they are the romance everyone yearns for.

8. The best thing in life is to meet. The most luxurious thing in my life is to meet you on the way.人生最美好的是相遇,我一生最奢侈的事,就是途中与你相遇。

9. Yi Nanping will eventually be reconciled. It has been a lucky three times to make a journey through the mountains and rivers.

10. Life is to change, to change your life, you need courage to change your goals and your courage to change your life、

11. 若人生只是一场戏剧多好。若爱只是擦肩而过多好。

12. Back to the sun, the shadow of a sun, Xiaguang miles、

13. 生命中的任何一件小事只要你细心品味过,都充满幸福。

14. You can't find the way, just because you don't want to get lost、 You find the way, because you dare to believe in the road、

15. The condition of life and love is courage and commitment、

16. The important thing in life is not the position of the station, but the direction of the、

17. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

18. 人生有一道难题,那就是如何使一寸光阴等于一寸生命。

19. Then I also knot、 Who do you like? I think you're giving up on yourself!

20. Forget the sour smell of love. You just need to remember the fragrance of money.

21. Always margin of shallow How deep.向来缘浅,奈何情深。

22. I like you, regardless of the wind and the moon. I wish you well, even if you have nothing to do with me afterwards.我喜欢你,无关风月。我愿你好,即使后来你与我全然无关。

23. Listen to the broken strings, the three thousand are broken、 Falling flowers lost, lost in the wind ripple、

24. Life is like a dandelion. It seems free, but you can't help it.

25. Life is like Super Girls, the last is pure man、

26. Meet with edge water, lofty and die, only one, waiting for the next meeting、

27. Take a look at your flirtatious eyes and eyebrows, and have a look at all kinds of amorous feelings that year.

28. 本欲起身离去,奈何影子落人间。

29. Some people walk in the wind and rain at night, some people light a lamp in a dream, and are not afraid of the mud and bumps ahead.

30. 我不去想是否能够成功,既然选择了远方,便只顾风雨兼程!

31. 如果爱情只是路过,又何必到此一游。

32. After meeting you, I just know that there is a love beyond the life and death、

33. People close their eyes, is to meet their own、

34. Your world has nothing to do with me; My world, you only deserve to watch.

35. With my great fireworks, change your life、

36. 生活就是一幅美丽的风景画,而这幅画美不美,就得靠自己来描绘它。


38. Ink reminder pacalDannynouncedrned, only sigh sigh, scroll faint smell of incense, not seeking fame beside the lamp、

39. It is not luck and opportunity that delay you, but your countless hesitations.

40. Once we think that we never forget things, we forget them.曾经以为念念不忘的事情,就在我们念*念*不忘的过程,被我们遗忘了。

41. Work hard, happy and like people will come.

42. Forget failures, but keep in mind the lessons of failure、

43. When you hurt, no one will care、

44. Indulge in the hope of the people and for the no what two、

45. If life is just a play、 If love is just passing by、

46. It takes some desperation to turn the tables against the wind.

47. And became his friend、 How can we think about it without smoking? How can we stop thinking without being drunk?

48. It is also a kind of romance to live with your heart pounding and all your love.

49. I don't think whether can succeed, since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships!

50. Anyone don't think of the morning, want to sleep at night!

51. 生活中最沉重的负担,不是工作而是无聊。

52. All the stories between eyebrows are either affectionate or disappointing.

53. The days ahead are long, and there is no fear of a long journey.

54. If you don't fall hard, you'll take a lot of shit seriously.

55. The sun rises in the East but falls in the west, while the sea of acquaintances is scattered at the banquet.

56. In this full of smoke and debris in the troubled times, no one can be spotlessly clean、

57. You told me you moved to her, but do not know how hard I smile、

58. I really do not have much sad, but without you, I really do not happy、

59. 我停留在记忆深处,寻找残留的幸福。

60. Commitment is like farting. It was earth shattering at that time, but later it was powerless.

61. Meet a storm is on the leading edge of scattered, floating in the air where、

62. The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.

63. 踮起脚尖,我们就能离幸福更近一点吗?

64. 回忆是一种愚昧,何必再去追求那回不去的。

65. Childlike innocence is something to be proud of.

66. 智者一切求自己,愚者一切求他人。

67. Life advice: the best manners are not to meddle.

68. 如此滥情的年代,该如何去分辨那些所谓的真真假假?

69. 让珊瑚远离惊涛骇浪的侵蚀吗?那无异是将它们的美丽葬送。

70. 生命和爱的条件,便是勇敢和承担。

71. The most beautiful smile left to hurt you the most、

72. 把最美的微笑留给伤你最深的人。

73. 旅行的理由不需要阐述太多,一个字就可以概括全部:走。

74. 嘴里说的人生,就是自己以后的人生。

75. Life is a field of practice, a short trip, long life、

76. To seize the opportunity to walk in front of people, nine out of ten will be successful、

77. When things are not going well, we should always be grateful, and when things are not going well, we should always meditate.

78. 狠怀念我们那时的时光,可惜这一切都成为过去。



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